Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Year of Knitting Adventures

As a year long project that is made up of many smaller projects, I have joined in the Year of Knitting Adventures in the Sock Yarn Round Robin group on Ravelry.  What the Year of Knitting Adventures are, are a selection of 14 different types of projects that you have to choose from and you only do 12 of them, one each month.  However, you can only do each one once and some projects may fall into multiple categories but you have to decide which one you want to use which ever project for.  The categories are:

1.Knit something from your Favorite listing (must have been added at least 6 months prior to starting it)
2.Knit something from your Queue listing (must have been added at least 6 months prior to starting it)
3.Knit something for yourself
4.Knit something for someone else
5.Knit something for Christmas
6.Knit something using a semi solid or solid yarn colour
7.Knit something using a variegated yarn colour
8.Knit something using a self-striping yarn
9.Knit something as a surprise (must be kept at a secret WIP until gifted-this includes finding or borrowing your own “secret WIP” picture)
10.Knit something using at least 2 colours of yarn
11.Knit something that includes some kind of lace patterning
12.Knit something with buttons, ties, beads or other embellishment
13.Knit something that challenges you when you knit it (the reason it challenges you must be listed in the project notes such as; working on this project for three years, hate the knitted on border)
14.Knit something for an event (the event must be listed in the project notes such as birthday gift for someone, baby arrival in April etc.)

For January I decided to do #3 which is to knit something for myself and I decided that I would knit The Name of the Doctor Double Knit Scarf , which may end up taking my until the end of the year but even that would be a huge accomplishment.  I am doing it in lace weight yarn on size 1 needles.  Here is what it should look like when it is done, I can only hope that mine will look as good as it is my first double knit project.


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