Thursday, January 31, 2008

So Many Projects

I can't believe how many different projects I have going at once.
-5 different pairs of socks
-3 sweaters (2 the same)
-3 hats
-4 scarfs
-1 messenger bag
-1 felted purse
-2 stocking (that didn't get finished in time for Christmas)
-1 shrug
-1 knit bookmark
-1 lace wrap
-1 knit owl
and probably some others that I have forgotten about for the time being.
However, I haven't been casting on any new projects for a while because I am trying to finish up some that I have had going for a while now.
Knitting is not the only thing that has been keeping be busy lately. I have been absolutely swamped with all of my classes that I am taking. I have a Physical Anthropology class that is twice a week, a physical geography class that is once a week for 4 hours in the evening after I have been working for 8 hours before hand. I also have two classes that are online, Later Western Civilization and Sociology of Minority Groups. At least I am not overwhelmed with all of my classes and work. As long as I stick to my schedule I won't feel overwhelmed with everything that I have to do everyday.