Saturday, September 25, 2010

Becoming Domestic

This summer I have felt as though I have become very domestic. I planted a tomato garden and have been making salsa from the tomatoes as they ripen as well as dehydrating some to use later. I have also made lots of blackberry jam, strawberry jam, raspberry jam, and strawberry-rhubarb jam this year.

Now my mom and I are making soap and candles. I don't know what has brought this on us but this summer I worked harder than I have at any job I have ever had. But at least I can actually see the products of my labor and know that we will be benefiting from all of the work that we did and are doing. It also makes you think about when you go to the grocery store, you think more often "do I really need to buy this, wouldn't it be better to just make it at home?" We have greatly reduced the amount of canned goods that we buy, such as fruits and spaghetti sauce by canning our own in the summer and using them throughout the year.

I am glad that I am learning these skills that many have forgotten in light of all of the modern conveniences but when you make it yourself you appreciate it more and get exactly what you want rather than settling for something that isn't exactly what you wanted because what you wanted is gone or worse they stopped making it.

7 Down 93 To Go

So I'm over one month in and I have 7 dishcloths completely done. I am a little behind because I am still have trouble finding my routine for this semester of school. I do however have a couple more almost done, they just need the ends woven in which is my least favorite part of any project.

To add to the amount of work for this project, I also have a couple of rather time consuming Christmas presents that need to be completed for my parents. I just have to keep in mind that I have to make two if not three dishcloths per week.