Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Well things have been crazy for me lately not only because of school and getting my Etsy page going, but this week I have to get ready for two of my aunts to come to my house. Which means that I am losing my work space for making new bags for a week and that really sucks. It is really hard when I have so many new designs in mind that I want to try out. Also I have finally gotten my messenger bag pattern right and I have not been able to make any new ones since getting everything worked out. Next I want to try making a slouch bag which seems to be really popular right now and they seem easy enough to make.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

What a busy week

I forgot how stressful it can be to have four midterms in four days. This is the first time since I was in 10th grade that I have had so many midterms in a row. I haven't had any of my other semesters scheduled with all of my classes grouped together like this, but at least next week is Spring Break.
Well apart from school, I have been setting up my etsy store and I have a few things listed for sale. I really hope that this works out because not only could I use the money but I would like to know what people think of my work and to see someone enjoy what I have made. Here are a couple of pictures of the bags that I have listed.