Monday, February 25, 2013

Knitting Has Saved My Sanity

So I am now in my final semester of my college career (until I decide I want to go to grad school) and I am in that pre-graduation freak out about I'm not exactly sure what I want to do when I am done.  My way of combating that freak out is to basically spend any time that I am not doing homework, I have been knitting.  I also have been knitting while doing homework if I am reading something that will lie flat and doesn't need to be held open. 

What I have found so nice about knitting lately is that the act of knitting has been enough to quiet that worry.  This also means that I have been able to finish quite a few projects so far this year.  So far I have finished 28 different projects, 19 of those projects have been dishcloths and most of them with pictures in them.  I have also finished 9 hats, 5 of which are going to be sent to Wool-Aid which is a charitable organization that sends woolen items to children in poverty stricken, extremely cold climates.  It is a great way to put your wool scraps from other projects to a good use.

I have also finished a pair of boot socks, which unfortunately for me are too big and will be going to my sister who also just recently got the boot cuffs that I made.

But my current knitting addiction is baby items.  I love how fast they knit up and even though I don't need them, I am coming to the point in my life when my friends and cousins will be having babies and it is nice to have items on hand and not have to try to whip them up at the last minute.  Last weekend I was able to knit an adorable green baby vest in about 4 hours.

Today I started a new baby vest that is in Sock Yarn Studio called the Golden Lace Baby Cardigan, which is so cute.  Instead of knitting it in the tonal gold (or any tonal yarn) that they show it in, I am knitting it out of a yarn that looks like a tye-dye shirt and I love it so far.  The lace pattern looks so nice on the edge and is really easy to do.  I have a feeling that I will be knitting more than one of these because with a little variation it could also be a vest suitable for a little boy as well.

So now I need to either find a way to start my own yarn shop, which I have wanted to do for years, or get a job in a yarn shop, which could be problematic because I have a feeling that I wouldn't bring home much of a paycheck then.

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